Web Design & Development

We produce the highest possible user experience for your business and target audience.

||| No compromise. It has to look amazing. |||

We value design at an absolute premium at Derex Oswald Technologies which is why all our projects are custom designed. We work closely with our clients to ensure their brand, values and culture are clearly reinforced throughout their online digital presence.

||| Website Development. |||

From responsive websites to cloud based web app development, we provide full website development service meeting your goals & objectives. We enable online stores through Magento Development with themes & customisation. We provide complete e-commerce solutions with PCI Compliance.

||| We build and put you in the driving seat |||

It’s your site, you should have as much control as you like. One of our objectives for every project is to provide as much power back to our clients as required.This means spending the time to ensure there is a customised backend CMS that is both powerful and intuitive to use.

Some of our work

Responsive design is our responsibility.

A website is often the first introduction to a new business or product for many customers. If they arrive at a site using a mobile device that isn’t responsive, the site may display in such a way that requires users to scroll and zoom to view a page or may not function as intended. Menus that don’t function properly, content that displays poorly and links that are broken are the fastest ways to send a people away, all while diminishing the credibility of you and your business.

We design the user experience and make sure that users on-the-go would get access to the important content easily and as fast as on a computer screen. We help you seize the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with a responsive web design.

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