About Us

We've been part of the success story of our numerous clients for more than 15 years.

||| In The beginning 

Our story began as V7 Consulting, and was started by two mates, Dayo a front end designer and Steve a developer, working after hours and on weekends, designing and building websites for a select handful of clients. Some of those clients are still actively using us today. Back then, website launches were far between, but we celebrated each and every one.

||| The big step 

Spurred on by a growing list of satisfied and encouraging clients, we left our jobs to make V7 Consulting, our full-time endeavour. We later re-branded as Derex Oswald Technologies and within a year had hired our first developer.

We’ve been growing cautiously ever since – always with a mind on how we can best serve our clients.

||| Building on experience

Today, Derex Oswald is a tight-knit team of energetic web developers with a passion for getting great results. Steve has since moved on to other projects, but Dayo has continued to build Derex Oswald by surrounding himself with talented developers that have the right mix of experience, technical knowledge and strategic thinking.

Our Mantra

Our clients are our best friends. There’s a quote that says that ‘friends listen to what you say, and best friends listen to what you don’t say’. That pretty much speaks volumes about our level of customer satisfaction because we’ll get the job done without you saying much. We’ll take care of every single little, nitty-gritty detail so you’ll have no worries at all. We’re just that meticulous.

Skills define success. Process defines legends...