Video Books

Be Part Of The Latest Digital Marketing Revolution

Our video brochures are probably the most powerful sales tool ever, combining print and video to stand out from the crowd when it matters most. Video brochures are the latest trend in bringing your message across to your clients. Video meets print for amazing possibilities!

These corporate gifts which are made in Singapore are completely customizable according to your requirements. We can even include buttons that allow users to view multiple videos all on the same video brochure.

We use high end TFT LCD screens and top quality materials for our video brochures to ensure exceptional results in the end product.

We work with you to transform your promotional print materials into power packed multi-sensory video marketing products. It could be anything from Business cards, Brochures, Catalogs, Presentation boxes, Point of Sale units… almost anything. Our solutions are customisable and suitable for all budgets. The “Video Marketing” products bandwagon is going places; and it’s your chance to get on it early and rake in the profits.

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